Diwali Gifts

India’s greatest wealth other than its abundant stock of natural resources, could possibly be its cultural heritage. More than a dozen important festivals celebrated here have made this country culturally vibrant. One such prominent and eagerly-awaited auspicious occasion is Diwali, which is also famously known as ‘The Festival Of Lights’. Diwali is also considered to be a synonym for happiness. Many Indians also consider it as a festival which brings a fresh lease of life into our otherwise monotonous lives. This festival was said to be first celebrated to mark the homecoming of Indian mythological legend ‘Rama’, after his 14 year exile. Since then every year this occasion is grandly celebrated by exchanging gifts, sweets, lighting oil lamps and bursting crackers.

Now that we are swiftly heading towards that time of the year where Diwali gifts are exchanged amongst loved ones to express love and affection for one another, here are a few suggestions which can be considered for making this festive season a memorable one for your friends and family members.

Lakshmi Statues & Figurines

One of the most important traditional practices associated with Diwali is worshipping the Hindu Goddess ‘Lakshmi’, who is also considered to be the goddess of ‘Wealth and Prosperity’. Gifting a small idol of the goddess to your well-wishers is a great option, since it’s said that such an idol can bring positivity to a home, and ward off financial troubles.

Diwali Candles

Diwali is an occasion where scores of lamps and candles illuminate the exteriors of thousands of Hindu homes, making them look more beautiful than ever. Hence candles or the traditional clay lamps called the ‘Diya’ would be really useful, and Diwali would just be the right time to give these candles away to those friends of yours who haven’t bought them.

Silk Saris

Saris are India’s most commonly used traditional attires, which not only covers a woman’s body but also glorifies womanhood. Exotic silk saris which can be worn for formal occasions, and even social gatherings such as parties make good presents for the auspicious occasion of Diwali this year.

Greeting Cards

The storm of internet has greatly influenced our lives for at least a decade now, and sadly we know live in an era where even wedding invitation cards are being sent through e-mails. In such a tech-savvy environment, probably the best way to express your love for a dear one would be through greeting card. Find time to pick one from the nearest store and jot down your thought on the empty spaces. The concerned person would really appreciate your effort of doing something as sweet as this.

Dry Fruit Gift Hampers

If you are one of those who wants to gift something to your dear ones, yet don’t want to spend too much time in choosing one, the best bet would be to grab one of these hampers from a nearest store. These hampers usually consist of 4 types of dry fruits such as Cashew nuts, Almonds, Raisins and Apricots. This gift also comes to your rescue if you have some time left only to do last minute shopping.

Gold Articles

‘Dhanteras’, one of the days of Diwali is a great occasion to purchase gold. If money is not a great concern, then purchasing gold is something which can be tried for Diwali this year. Gold necklaces and even idols of gods and goddesses, especially goddess ‘Lakshmi’ are considered to bring loads of fortune by many people across India.

Puja Thalis Or Plaques

This is yet another gift which is suitable for your prayer room. ‘Thalis’, or plates made up of Silver, Gold, or Brass can be gifted to your dear ones this festive season. Unlike wall hangings or other similar articles, this one will mostly be used on a daily basis.


A popular practice associated with this festival is exchange of sweets amongst friends, family members and neighbors. Chocolates of different shapes and sizes are also given to loved ones as Diwali gifts. However traditionally sweets made of ghee are the ones which are exchanged.


Another popular tradition which usually excites children is bursting crackers. Gifting rectangular boxes containing crackers of all varieties has also been a trend which has existed for many years.

So make this Diwali a really memorable one for your friends and family, by choosing one of these gift ideas. Wish you a happy and prosperous Diwali.