Bhai Dooj Gifts

We live in a world where sophisticated gadgets and modern lifestyle has influences us tremendously. In such an existence, what are those few elements which help us maintain our identity, and make us seem different from the rest of the world? They are the numerous festivals which are a part of Indian culture. One such festival which is really famous and eagerly awaited amongst the masses, and also keeps us rooted to our traditions, is Diwali. This festival which falls in the last quarter of every year was first introduced by the residents of the kingdom ‘Ayodhya’. They illuminated the whole town with oil lamps, and bursted crackers, to welcome the legendary king ‘Rama’ who returned home after his 14 year long exile.

Though people all across India celebrate this festival with great pomp and show, the myth associated with Diwali, in few parts of the country is that it’s only about crackers, Oil lamps and prayers offered to goddess Lakshmi. ‘Bhai Dooj’, also referred to as ‘Bhai Phota’ in certain parts of the country, is an occasion which is celebrated on the fifth or the final day of Diwali. This festival is similar to ‘Raksha Bandhan’, where sisters pray for the longevity, happiness and prosperity of their brothers. Sisters prepare the dishes which their brothers love the most on this day. Brothers, in return, show their love for sisters by buying them gifts. This festival is more of a reminder which tells that brothers should always love and protect their sisters, whereas sisters should always bless their beloved brothers, and wish that they succeed in all their endeavors. According to mythology, this festival was introduced by ‘Yamraaj’, the god of death, and his sister. Legends claim that Yamraaj visited his sister, who welcomed the man with a garland, and different varieties of food. The god of death who was pleased with his sister’s goodwill gesture, ended up in a long conversation, where he expressed his love and respect for his beloved sibling.

Here are a few close to ideal gifts which brothers can choose to give their sisters.


One of the few good gifts, which brings wide smile on the faces of most women are a bunch of flowers. A bouquet of orchids is one of the simplest gestures, through which most of you can express your love for the beloved sister at home. Orchids are one of the best things to pick up from your nearest florist.


While your sister tries to be really nice to you on this day, and cooks all your favorite dishes, you can also show your sweeter side by gifting her chocolates. Varieties of imported chocolates are easily available in the market. Few outlets also offer home-made chocolates, which consist of varieties like milk chocolates, white chocolates and even dark chocolates. These wouldn’t cost much and are even sure to impress your sister.

Soft Toys

Maybe your sister has been talking about teddy bears, or a monkey she saw at one of the stores for quite a long time now. ‘Bhai Dooj’ is just the right occasion to pick up one such toy from the store, wrap it in a box with colored paper, and give it away as a gift.


Accessories such as bags or purses, shoes or stilettos, also make great gifts. Make sure that you are well aware of your sister’s likes and dislikes with respect to colors, before you make a trip to the store and buy something like this. You can even buy a good make-up kit for your sibling. She will always thank you for that, for a really long time.


Last, but definitely not the least, or perhaps even one of the most exotic return gifts, are a pair of clothes. Ethnic wear such as Saris, Kurtis, or a salwar-kameez are good ways of pampering any sister on occasions such as ‘Bhai Dooj’, or even ‘Raksha Bandhan’. However, also consider what your sister is more comfortable wearing, before you buy something.

So those of you who are a bit confused about what could possibly be the right gift for an occasion like ‘Bhai Dooj’, trying at least one of these options is definitely going to make a great impression on your beloved sister.