Diwali Diyas

The advent of technology, globalization, and modern lifestyle has made a huge impact on Indians, and the way we lead our lives today, as compared to our ancestors. The hectic schedule of the average working Indian today has little time for family, traditions or anything else. However, there are few important occasions, such as festivals, which still keep us connected to our roots. One such festival which makes most people take a break from their busy schedules, spend time with friends and family, and celebrate, is Diwali. This grand festival was first introduced to the world by the inhabitants of the kingdom ‘Ayodhya’, who celebrated the return of their beloved king ‘Rama’. Ever since then, this auspicious occasion, is usually celebrated by offering prayers to goddess Lakshmi, exchanging gifts, sweets, and bursting crackers.

The most important tradition associated with Diwali, and also the reason why its known as ‘The festival of lights’, is using dozens of lamps to illuminate houses. Other than just adding to the aesthetic appeal of a living space, lighting a lamp has a lot of cultural significance too. One such belief is that lighting a lamp, such as a ‘Diya’ reduces the agony plaguing our lives, and also brings positivity into a home. While speaking of Diwali, ‘Diyas’ or lamps, and crackers are the two thoughts which strike every mind. ‘Diyas’ are undoubtedly one of the most ideal presents which any person can give away to a family member during the auspicious period of Diwali. Here are few types of Diyas which can be considered for gifting.

Earthen Diyas

These are the oldest form of Diyas, which are still being used during Diwali. Earthen diyas are made up of either clay or mud. Compared to the other kinds of Diyas, these are the ones which are widely used to illuminate the exteriors of most homes. Other than ethnic wear, the next best gift (which is closest to our ancient tradition), you can give your relatives are such earthen diyas.

Floating Diyas

These Diyas are usually shaped like flowers, where the petals are made up of either glass or plastic, and painted with acrylic colors. Such diyas can be made to float on designer bowls, half filled with water. As compared to the conventional earthen lamps, these would be poles apart, not only the way they look, but also to the amount of elegance they bring to your homes and those of your dear ones.

Brass Diyas

Such diyas usually suit the interiors, especially the prayer or ‘puja’ rooms. Since offering prayers to goddess Lakshmi is an important custom associated with Diwali, these kind of diyas would be apt for such rituals. A trip to the nearest crockery or even jewelry store should help.

Metal Diyas

Variety of broad metal diyas which consist of carvings of mythological figures such as Lord Ganesh and goddess Lakshmi, are easily available at many fancy stores and even few jewelers.

Marble Diyas

If you are really particular that the Diyas you gift have to be way too different compared to the ones people normally give away as presents, and money is not a cause of concern, then diyas made of marble can be considered. This gift would be a really memorable one for your folks, since marble diyas are rarely purchased or used by many people.

Designer Diyas

Such diyas have become quite a trend over the past decade. Diyas made up of either clay, ceramic or metal are painted, and colorful designs are illustrated on them. Though many of these gifts are easily available in the market, it is even a good option to buy earthen lamps and display your creativity on them by painting colorful designs. These diyas also come in different shapes and sizes. Designer candles of different shapes, sizes, and colors are also available in plenty at many stores. Such designer candles can be used any time of the year, and not just Diwali.

Lamp Diyas

The lamp Diyas are shaped like lanterns, and would greatly contribute to the aesthetics of a home. Just like few designer candles, these diyas can be used even post Diwali, and probably can be hung at a point outside the house.

Now that you have so many Diya options to choose from, the only thing which you need to do is retrospect your beloved ones’ choices with respect to colors, and other factors, before you pick one of these.