Diwali Silver

Other than travelling to exotic locales on a vacation, and catching up with friends, or even listening to music, there are other ways to beat stress and break monotony in India. Few such gifts of Indian culture are the numerous festivals and auspicious occasions, which are great reasons to put away all kinds of worries or stress, and indulge in celebrations. One such occasion which is really popular and eagerly-awaited by the masses, is Diwali. Diwali is more than just a festival; it can also be termed as a synonym for emotion. Bursting crackers, lighting oil lamps, exchange of gifts and compliments amongst immediate family members, friends, and other relatives have been a common practice associated with this festival.

Though our present day hectic lifestyle has significantly reduced the celebrations to a great extent, the least we can do to keep this tradition alive is to send precious gifts to friends and family members. If you are a person who insists on gifts with a royal touch and great aesthetic appeal, then silver gifts are probably the best things on the block. Here are few silver articles which can be considered for gifting your loved ones.

Puja Thali

Offering Prayers to Goddess Lakshmi is one of the Diwali. Hence a Puja thali would be an appropriate gift. Lot of such Puja thalis with different designs, are available in the market.

Incense Stick Stands

These stands, which are usually kept on the Puja Thali hold aromatic incense sticks. People generally use brass incense stick stands, so if you gift your relative a silver one, that is surely going to cheer him/her up.

Silver Bell

At the end of every prayer, there’s a custom of ringing the bell, to mark an end to the ritual. Bells with mythological figures such as Lord Ganesha or Hanuman are said to be really auspicious, even more if they are made up of Silver.

Silver Goddess Lakshmi Idol

The most popular one of all silver gifts, and a custom which has been followed over many years, is that of gifting a small silver idol of Goddess Lakshmi. Keeping such an idol at home is believed to bring wealth, prosperity, and ward off negative forces.

Silver Lord Ganesh Idol

Other than the goddess Lakshmi idol, even Lord Ganesh is gifted in a silver form. According to ancestral sources and mythology, Lord Ganesha removes all hurdles, or obstacles, in our path towards success. Hence, it’s believed to be auspicious for anyone to possess such an idol.

Silver Coins

Silver coins with pictures of Goddess Lakshmi or other gods are also believed to bring wealth and prosperity into the homes.

Glass Tumbler sets

Other than just for the prayers and holy rituals, silver articles which can be used on a daily basis, make great gifts. Silver glass tumblers, which can either be used during a meal every day or used to serve beverages to the guests visiting your place, can actually bring a wide smile on the face of your relative, especially women.

Silver Lamps or Diya

The reason why Diwali is known as the ‘festival of lights’ is because of the lamps which are used to beautify the living spaces during the evenings. While arrays of clay lamps can be used to illuminate the exteriors. Diyas made of silver can be used to light up internal spaces.

Silver Bowls/ Kalash

‘Kalash’ is a bowl which is kept in the prayer room. This bowl is used during most Hindu rituals, including marriages and house warming ceremonies. Hence, a ‘Kalash’ made of a better metal is believed to bring more positivity.

Silver Trays

Another gift which can be used as a trump card by your family to impress the guests visiting home is a tray made of silver. A silver tray, coupled with silver tumblers filled with cold beverages, are sure to make a great impression.

Photo Frames

Though frames made up of plastic and wood are available in the market, photo frames    made of silver will surely make your photographs look more elegant. A precious moment captured by a camera held within a photo frame made up of silver is something really priceless.

Though silver is a bit expensive, it’s worth spending a few bucks in buying such gifts this Diwali.