Dry Fruit Diwali Gifts

Our present day lives have become really monotonous. Hectic work schedules keep us so occupied that there hardly might be some time left to do anything else. Fortunately, our country is blessed with festivals and other similar auspicious occasions, which help in breaking monotony periodically. One such popular festival, which is also eagerly awaited by many, is Diwali. Diwali is a festival which is grandly celebrated across all corners of India, and knows no barriers of geography, language or culture. According to mythological sources, Diwali was first celebrated by the ecstatic royal family and inhabitants of the kingdom ‘Ayodhya’, as a mark of respect to their beloved king ‘Rama’, who had returned from exile. Ever since, the festival is being celebrated every year by Indians all over the world. The usual customs associated with Diwali are lighting clay lamps around the homes, offering prayers, exchange of gifts and compliments.

Gifts such as ornaments and Puja Thalis are usually offered to family members and friends during Diwali. However, if you want to gift your loved ones something organic, then dry fruits are a good option to think about. It may sound really ordinary, but there are attractive ways to present these fruits as gifts to your folks, and since they are nutritious, they also are really great for the health. Confectionary stores and sweet shops offer a wide variety of options for dry fruits. Here are few interesting ways to present them as gifts, and to make this festive season a memorable one for your family.

Cane Baskets

These baskets can be bought from any nearby shop. If you don’t find one, try making one, your patience and effort would impress a person more than a readymade cane basket. Once you have got a basket, drape a cloth around it and then fill dry fruits such as Raisins, Cashews or Almonds.

Dry Fruit Trays

Elegant trays made up of metals such as silver and Brass make great gifts, and are also much in demand these days. These trays are also available in different shapes and sizes. If metal works out to be too expensive, you can also choose glass trays which have decorated edges. Wooden and Bon China trays with great aesthetic appeal are also available.

Roasted Dry Fruits

A lot of famous confectioners and bakers offer roasted dry fruits such as Almonds and Cashew nuts in packed containers or decorative boxes. These boxes also have manufacturing and expiry dates printed on them, so that you are absolutely sure that the dry fruits are fresh.

Wall Paper Boxes

Another simple way to make a gift is to pull out a cardboard box from the attic. Pick up decorative wallpapers from the nearest store, and wrap up cardboard boxes with them. All that is left after this hard work is to stuff your gift boxes with nutritious dry fruits. This is a much cheaper, yet really good way to make a gift for someone.

Dry Fruit Bowls

Bowls made of silver, gold, brass and even ceramic materials are great containers of dry fruits. A trip to your nearest super market should help you find such bowls. Few of these bowls are shaped like pigeons and swans, thus, making them look really aesthetic. Choosing this kind of a gift is also a great choice if you have very little time to choose a gift and can’t do without one. So this is also one of the good options to think about.

Dry fruit gifts are also a great way to contribute towards an eco-friendly Diwali. Diwali is also a festival which has been criticized by many for harming the environment in certain ways. Excessive use of crackers during this festival period, has led to increase in noise and air pollution over the years. The 21st century world is marching towards a more environment- friendly way of celebrating this festival. The first step towards achieving this goal could be through gifting something as nutritious as dry fruits, instead of a box full of crackers which could harm our environment and also lead to health hazards. So think about these unique ways of making this ordinary gift seem extra-ordinary.