Ganesh Lakshmi Gifts

Other than its abundance of mineral deposits, and the breath taking nature, India is also blessed with numerous festivals, and occasions. These festivals keep us attached to our roots even in an era where gadgets and sophisticated lifestyle has greatly influenced a wide section of people in our country today. One such festival which has been grandly celebrated since time immemorial is Diwali. The first Diwali celebration dates centuries back , when the residents of the kingdom ‘Ayodhya’ decided to celebrate the occasion of their beloved king ‘Rama’s’ return after a 14 year long exile. Offering prayers to ‘Lakshmi’, the goddess of wealth, bursting crackers, exchanging gifts, and illuminating the house with scores of oil lamps are few other practices associated with Diwali.

One of the most important rituals associated with Diwali is offering prayers to ‘Lakshmi’, the goddess of prosperity and wealth. According to legends, ‘Lakshmi’ has to be welcomed home by lighting lamps around the house and drawing colorful designs called ‘Rangoli’ near the doorstep. This would apparently please the goddess, and she would shower her blessings on the family. Similarly, Lord Ganesha is worshipped by a lot of people, especially before they start a business or any venture which might be challenging. It is believed that Lord Ganesha removes all the obstacles or hurdles in your path. If you completely agree with such beliefs, and actually intend to see your loved ones prosper, then you can consider one of these suggested gifts, and thus make this Diwali a lot more memorable for your family, friends, neighbors and relatives.


This is one of the most common gifts, considered by many people during Diwali. Gifting a Lakshmi idol to a family member or a well-wisher on the day of ‘Dhanteras’ (the first day of Diwali), is said to bring a lot of luck and prosperity to the receiver. As per an age-old tradition, prayers are offered to such idols before they are installed in the prayer rooms, or even lockers and safes. Many people even buy such Lakshmi idols for their own homes. Gold is always the preferred material for such an idol. Similarly, Ganesha idols are also purchased during this auspicious period to ward off negativity, and prevent any obstacles which stop people from achieving their goals.


It is also widely believed that wearing pendants of gods, especially those of Lord Ganesha or goddess Lakshmi, is said to turn fortunes in our favor. Again, pendants made of gold are claimed to bring in more positive vibes. However, if budget is a concern, then pendants made of silver can also be bought. These pendants can also be flaunted, and help in making good style statements. Even if your dear one is not much of a believer, you can still convince that person to accept your gift by taking fashion into account. People generally flock their nearest jewelry stores during Diwali to buy such pendants.

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings, especially those of gods and goddesses not just make the walls look great, but also become few signs of positivity in the house. Another advantage of gifting a wall hanging of a mythological figure, when compared to a landscape or any other picture, is that it can definitely not be ignored or dumped in a corner. Plenty of readymade wall hangings are already available in the market. These wall hangings range from anything like a simply framed picture, to something like a ‘Ganesha’ or a ‘Lakshmi’ carved on a piece of metal, which may be shaped like a leaf. However, if you are even slightly good at sketching or with colors, drawing these gods on a canvas will not just impress your folks for your patience, but also give you a sense of creative satisfaction.

Metal Lamps (Diyas) or Aartis

Diwali is incomplete without prayers and Aartis. Designer Aartis, made up of either Gold, Silver or Brass metals are also great options for Diwali presents. Such well-designed Aartis usually have carvings of gods or divine figures such as ‘Lakshmi’ or ‘Ganesha’.

Though idols would still be the most popular or preferred form of gift, one of the other few mentioned suggestions can definitely be given a try during Diwali this year.