Unique Diwali Gifts

Our lives may seem monotonous, many a times. The advantage of staying in a country like India is that other than the many serene places which are good weekend getaways, this country is also gifted with numerous festivals and auspicious occasions which are really great monotony breakers. People put their sorrows behind, and celebrate these great occasions. One such occasion which is eagerly –awaited by many people across the country, and celebrated in a really grand fashion, is Diwali. According to Hindu mythology, the festival was first celebrated by the inhabitants of the kingdom ‘Ayodhya’ to celebrate the return of their beloved King ‘Rama’ from exile. Since then, re-union of family members located at distant places, lighting fireworks to illuminate the night sky, and exchange of gifts and compliments are common practices associated with Diwali.

Most of us lead lifestyles which are really chaotic. Travelling, meeting family members and relatives, might practically look difficult during such schedules, which might seem more like bottlenecks. In such situations, the least we can to ensure that Diwali becomes a memorable occasion for our family, is to buy them precious gifts. Sweets and crackers are things of the past which have been quite common. These are few suggestions which can be given a thought, when it comes to gifting.

Jewelry Boxes

Such boxes were commonly used by Emperors and Princesses centuries back to preserve their prized possessions. Few of these boxes used by such Aristocrats are now preserved in museums. You can pick up even used metal boxes or unused wooden boxes lying in the Attic; revamp them by painting colorful designs on their bodies. Such objects can then be presented as gifts to your loved ones. However, you can pick one of them from your nearest handicraft store too.

Candle Holders

Candle holders made up of materials such as wood, ceramic, and glass are really good options for gifts. You can express your creativity to others by painting the surfaces of such candle holders, thus, contributing a lot more to their aesthetic value.


This option is really worth considering if money is not a barrier in choosing a gift. While most people prefer gifting lamps made of clay or even silver as Diwali gifts, you can gift your loved ones a chandelier consisting of numerous lamps.

Clay lamps would be totally ignored post Diwali, but chandeliers can be used to light up interiors on a daily basis. Your relatives will always remember you for presenting them something so precious.

Movie DVDs

If you have spent enough time with your family, you would be pretty sure of their likes and dislikes when it comes to movies. Make a list of movies which your folks prefer, buy it from a nearest store, and pack them in a DVD enclosure. People who are bored of the usual sweets and clothes, would be really delighted to see something like this presented in the form of a gift.


Most people think of Diwali gifts which appeal to adults. Here is something which will get the kids excited. Kids and pets at home would really adore this, since it provides them great physical activity, and a great way to spend time during the evenings.

Metal Sculptures

Tiny metal sculptures of gods and goddesses, and even other figures are gifts which would really suit a study table. Such presents are not too expensive, and would remind your beloved one of you, each time he/she sits at the table.

Designer Dry Fruit Box

Metallic boxes made of silver, which can store dry fruits are really useful. These gift boxes usually have a mirror inside, which makes them look very elegant. The surfaces of the box usually have designs made of acrylic paints.

Other than gadgets such as smart phones or laptops, and the usual sweets or fancy clothes, these are few things which might not just surprise your family, friends or neighbors, but also make Diwali memorable for a whole new reason. Sit back, relax, and think about these suggestions of making this festive season remarkable for your friends and family.