Diwali Gift Ideas For Brother

Globalization and rapidly changing technology has made a great impact on the lifestyle of most Indians around the globe. In such an era, only few occasions keep us attached to our roots and ethnicity. One such occasion is Diwali. Diwali is a festival where members of a family re-unite, gifts and compliments are exchanged, and prayers are offered to god for prosperity. The most emotional aspect of this festival is the re-union. Getting to see members of a family, especially the siblings you have grown up with, after a really long time is something which would bring tears of joy in the eyes of most people. Here are few ways of cheering up your sibling, most importantly your brother, who has been your partner in crime for many years.

Kurta Pyjama Suit

Other than funky casuals on weekends, and well-ironed formal shirts on weekdays, most guys love getting dressed in a ‘Kurta Pyjama’ or a ‘Sherwani’ suit. A ‘kurta Pyjama’ suit is an ethnic wear, which is perfectly suited for men during traditional occasions such as Diwali or even weddings. If you are looking for a reason to make your brother feel ecstatic, here’s a great one. A Kurta pyjama or a Sherwani suit, along with a pair of ethnic footwear would be an awesome combo as far as traditional attire for Diwali is concerned.


If your brother is really comfortable in casuals like a T-shirt, you don’t have to think of any other gift for him at all. T-shirts are also used quite regularly. You can even buy a plain t-shirt and express your love for him by writing something interesting using a few colors.

Designer Pen

While most women would get really excited to see a ring inside a velvet box, a gold or silver coated pen enclosed in specially customized boxes impress most men. Though these pens are a bit expensive, they are worth being given away as gifts, since such designer pens would be carefully preserved as compared to other ordinary ones available in the market. They would also remind your brothers about you each time they open the cupboard or sit at the study table.

Wine Hamper

Wine is one evergreen beverage which has a great fan following worldwide. Your brother is just going to shower his never-ending praises on you for buying a bottle of wine. A bottle of wine, accompanied by few dark chocolates, makes a really good hamper, which can be given away as a present to your beloved sibling.


Most brothers are really sentimental about gadgets. No matter how much they grow up, most men would really get excited on seeing objects such as a gaming console or a joystick. Generally, brothers are also well-versed with changing trends in technology. Hence devices like Smart phones, tablets, MP3 players, Cameras, Laptops, PCs or even gaming devices are unarguably some of the greatest things you can think of, as far as gifts for your beloved brother are concerned.

Coffee Mug

One of the best places to express your love and affection for your brother is the surface of a coffee mug made of ceramic. Many such ceramic coffee mugs which suit brothers are easily available at many outlets in the market. However, if you are a creative person yourself, you can buy a plain coffee mug, and probably paint something on the surface, or inscribe few precious words using vibrant colors and a painting brush. This coffee mug would find a place in your brother’s room for eternity.


Even after the high-end gadgets have swept the world off its feet, watches have been quite a popular choice of gift amongst the masses. A dozen brands offer watches ranging from really modest prices to really expensive ones. If money is not a concern, then Gold plated, silver plated and even Diamond studded watches make really great Diwali gifts.

Photo Frame

It’s difficult for anyone to estimate the number of precious moments with his/her sibling. An old childhood photo of you along with your sibling, or any such cute moment captured on camera which he cannot possibly recollect, can be embedded within a very elegant looking photo frame. A wide variety of such photo frames are available in the market. They can be either made of wood, plastic, ceramic, or even gold and silver plated. Such a gift, which combines nostalgia with a great amount of aesthetic appeal, would be truly priceless.