Diwali Gift Ideas For Clients

Customers are God. You want to serve them well and build goodwill amongst them. The best time to exercise a good reputation among them is during Diwali by giving away freebies in the form of gifts. You want to leave an impression in the Client’s mind that you are not ‘Just Business’ You care about the Client and you want to convey it in the form of Diwali goodies. This could also help you to build a good brand if you are giving away gifts with your company’s name/logo/tagline associated with the gift. Treat your Clients like a King. How many times have we not heard this? Here is your chance to prove the same through your actions. We have some of the world’s best gifting options for your clients. All you have to do is choose your gift on our site and voila you have some ‘Happy Clients’. We take care of the shipping which is absolutely free and you can be assured that the gift reaches your client safe and sound!

Here is your chance to express your gratitude to your clients for trusting you in availing your services. Take a look at some of the best gifting options available on our site:

Scented Candles

When we say Diwali, our mind is flooded with images of light everywhere. What better gift than a candle to light up their Diwali and their heart? Make it more special by making it scented. The scented candles will perfectly fit along with the Diyas that adorn their house. You can make it personal by leaving a note that says ‘Let this Diwali light up your life’

Plants Sampling/Flowers

In an age where the Global Warming is sky rocketing, you can choose to take the eco-friendly route and surprise them with a plant sampling. They will most definitely appreciate your futuristic thought in the gift. This could also inspire them to take the ‘Green route’ and plant more samplings. Alternatively, you could choose to give them a bunch of flowers. Again leave a personalized note, wishing them and expressing your gratitude.

Amazon Coupons

If you don’t know your Client too well and you do not want to risk gifting them something that will most likely end up going in to the bin, you can play it smart and gift them Amazon Coupons. This will give your Client the flexibility to buy what they need.

Sweets & Cards

No body dislikes sweets. You can never go wrong with sweets. If your client is in the vicinity of your office, gifting them sweets will be the best option as they will not perish before it reaches your clients. This can be complemented with a warm card that wishes them well for the coming year. You will definitely earn some brownie points from the client when they realize that you resorted to a physical card instead of an electronic message.

Business Books

A good business book can make an excellent gift for your most important clients. Do you have some A-list Clients you want to impress, give them the gift of a book, a Business book. Moving further, this could strengthen your association with them. This could brew more conversation between the two, which ultimately could result in some great business opportunity for you. If you and your client are like-minded, gift him a business book that you swear by.

Breakfast Coupons

It is no secret that a king-sized healthy breakfast sets precedence to the rest of our day. With the ever increasing demands, both husband and wife are working to make ends meet. This leaves no time for the couple to sit down and enjoy a good breakfast. With such a busy lifestyle, it would be an excellent idea to sponsor breakfast for your clients in the form of breakfast coupons.

Bottle Of Champagne/Exotic Wine

Order some gourmet wine through our e-commerce portal and make your Client’s Diwali memorable and special. For your top cream client list you could take an extra mile and gift a Champagne or Sparkling Wine. Gifting a bottle of Champagne/Wine although archaic, it can never go out of date!