Diwali Gift Ideas For Corporates

Diwali is synonymous to celebration, fun, lights, delectable food, lights, fireworks and shopping. The highpoint of Diwali is Gifts. Gifting each other on this auspicious festival is an age old tradition and it continues to be. Sharing gifts is just not confined to your family and friends. You share gifts even in a corporate set-up on this big day. Have you run out of ideas to gift your colleagues/co-workers/employees/bosses? No clue which is the right gift for the right person? Don’t hit the panic button. We are here to do the job for you. All you have to do is navigate through our e portal and select a gift. Rest assured, we take care of packing it, shipping it, delivering it and finally making sure the gift reaches the person safely. We provide you with some unique ideas to gift this Diwali. Make sure you visit our e-portal in case you are looking for more interesting ideas.

Pen cum Pen-drive

This is the most ingenious gift which has complete utility in today’s age. It can come handy in a board room, client site or anywhere. They can use it to take notes on a book and also use it to save notes in the pen-drive after a meeting with a client. This is the most ideal dual gift for a Corporate.

Desktop Globe/World Map Book

It is an apt gift for someone who is always on the move, has packed schedules, travelling and globetrotting on work. Sure, we all have our smart phones and Google maps which do the job for us. But you should always be prepared for your phone giving up on you or a day when your internet is down. And books always come handy in no Wi-Fi areas.

Perfect Tie

The secret behind the complete look of a Corporate is a ‘Perfect Tie’ that complements his personality and attire. In a corporate set-up, everyone is dressed appropriately and very professionally. A business professional’s look is not complete without an impeccable tie. You could choose from a wide spectrum of collection available on our e portal sites. If you wish to digress from the mundane business ensemble and want to go little funky, we have slender party ties too.


You cannot image a corporate world without a stack of important papers and notes. Help your corporates organize their important records by gifting them folders. You have a wide range of folders in all sizes. We also have some off-the-wall and quirky prints on the folders to cut the monotony.

Play Station

This is one electronic gadget that has not spared the adults too. Don’t know what it is about Nintendo’s and play stations that get the crazies out of everyone. This is probably the best way to unleash the everyday stress that is mounting in us. There is no doubt a corporate’s job is brimming with pressure. There has to be a way to expound this pressure and the play stations serve well in this regard.

Charity Gift cards

Empower your corporates to support and help noble causes they are passionate about by gifting them Charity Gift Cards. The recipient gets to decide which charity group he wants to donate. Go benevolent this Diwali.

Timeless Classics

Gift your Corporates a collection of timeless songs or movies or books this Diwali. This is the best way to unwind from the drudgery of Corporate Cubicles. This is one gift that can never get outdated. With time, this gift just gains more value.

Gourmet fruit Box

Gift them an exotic basket of hand-picked fruits from all over the world. In addition to these non-native fruits, these baskets have special edition chocolates, sparkling wine and a bottle of Champagne.

Digital Photo Frame

Get rid of those dusty and rusty frames. Make room for digital photo frames which will adorn the walls of their houses, an ideal gift for all those gizmo-savvy techies and corporates.