Diwali Gift Ideas For Sister

While Diwali is about spreading happiness, joy and peace, it is also about exchange of gifts. An integral part about Diwali is the gifting tradition. Gifting your loved ones strengthens the familial chords. Gift your sister the grandest gift this Diwali and strengthen the chords. In India, girls are considered as Lakshmi, who bring good fortune to the house. It is a customary to gift girls on this day. If she happens to be married, the gift got to be better. However, ‘better gift’ does not always translate into expensive. If you are still wracking your brains for ideas to select the best yet affordable gifts, don’t fret. We are here to help you make this Diwali memorable for your sister. We have a number of ideas and suggestions that will make a perfect gift for your sister. Explore unique gift ideas for your sisters on our e-portal and we will ship it to their door-step. And the shipping charges are waived off.

Here are some thoughtful gifting options for your sisters.

Gold/Silver Coins/Silver Articles

It is a good idea to gift Gold and Silver coins as they can be used to adorn the Thalis (plates) during festivals and pujas. Further, gifting silver items are also a part of the tradition. These items get passed from generation to generation and thus become a part of the heirloom. Also, one can be certain that this is a gift that will not go unused. Your sister could reap investment rewards from this in future.


Could there be a better gift than gifting idols of God on this pious and religious day? It is considered to be auspicious to gift idols of deities’ on this day. The usual choice of idol is Ganesha or Lakshmi. They are known to bring good luck to the recipient and bestow you and your family with all the good health peace and prosperity.

Puja Thali

On any festival, the Puja thali is the most used for offering prayers. We have a collection of intricate thalis that will perfectly fit in the puja room alongside other puja items. You could also choose to give the thali with some complimentary items such as sweets, fruits and dry fruits.


Saree has been the official Indian attire for women. During festivals you would see them adorning the likes of Kanchipuram saree, Mysore silk saree. Saree is one gift you can be certain your sister will not pass it on to someone else. Every girl dreams of draping that perfect nine yard. Explore our e-commerce site and choose from a range of beautiful, elegant and fancy sarees. You could also choose a designer saree if that is something that your sister would like.

Traditional Jewelry

There are a lot of options when it comes to jewelry. You could go with neck pieces, ear-rings bangles, bracelets and anklets. Jewelry elicits happiness in women like no other. Your sister may love you a little more with this brilliant gift.

Soft Toys

This is the safest option for girls. But be wary of the age group. If your sister is below 15 years and if you have noticed her hovering around soft cuddly toys all the time, this may be a good option too. You could also gift her Barbie. If you are in the mood to splurge on your little sister’s gift, go for a Doll house. By gifting her doll house you will be gifting her doll along with a miniature home for the doll too. You may become her favorite sister or brother with this gift.

Vouchers For A Pampering Session

Want to pamper your sister? Treat your sister to a good pampering session. It could be a Spa package that relaxes her and helps her unwind from the everyday monotony. Or a beauty package that includes a hair spa, a manicure and pedicure session and a body massage. Alternatively, you could gift her and her friends a voucher for a wine tasting tour.