Diwali Gifts To Gurgaon

Indian culture is culturally vibrant. Even in a modern era ruled by gadgets and changing trends in fashion, few special occasions, such as festivals, ensures that we stick to our ethnicity. Amongst many such festivals, one festival which is widely popular, and eagerly anticipated by Indians situated all over the world, is Diwali. This auspicious occasion, falls in the last quarter of the year, either during the months of October or November. According to legends, this festival was first celebrated by the inhabitants of the kingdom ‘Ayodhya’, to celebrate the homecoming of their king, the legendary ‘Rama’. This occasion, also known as ‘The festival of lights’, is usually celebrated over a period of five days. Offering prayers to Goddess ‘Lakshmi’, the deity of wealth and prosperity is the most important part of the festivities. Other than the rituals, illuminating dwellings with dozens of earthen lamps, exchanging gifts, family re-unions, feasting on mouth-watering sweets & savories, flaunting new clothes and bursting crackers are important practices associated with this festival, which have been continually followed over many years. Those people who don’t visit their families during this special occasion send memorable gifts to their loved ones at home, hence, keeping this age-old tradition alive.