More than a dozen festivals and customs are followed across this India, a nation inhabited by millions of people. One such popular festival which is celebrated with great zeal across all corners of the country is Diwali. Popular practices associated with Diwali include special prayers offered to gods and goddesses, especially ‘Lakshmi’, the goddess of wealth, illuminating homes by using earthen oil lamps, preparation of mouth-watering sweets, bursting crackers, and exchanging gifts/compliments.

One of the most emotional aspects of Diwali is exchange of gifts. Those who don’t get to spend time with their families during this festival, keep this tradition alive by sending exotic gifts to their loved ones back home. Diwali gift ideas offered by various online sources seem to be infinite. They may range from anything like ethnic wear such as Kurtas or saris to even the latest gadgets in town. Traditionally, idols of goddess ‘Lakshmi’, made up of gold, are given away as gifts to friends & family members. Such gifts are believed to bring prosperity to near and dear ones. Other Diwali gift ideas which have become quite a trend over the past few years include wall hangings, designer candles of different shapes & sizes, and exotic jewelry.

The most important way of welcoming this festival is by decorating living spaces. There are a wide variety of Diwali decorative ideas, few of them have been in use for many years now, and other creative ones which have emerged on the internet recently. The first step to make your home geared up for the festival is through a ‘door hanging’ or a ‘Thoran’. Tying hangings made up of mango leaves across the main door of the home is a custom which has been followed for few centuries. Other ways of making your home look decked up is through oil lamps, and colorful designs known as ‘Rangoli’. Scores of earthen oil lamps are usually lit in exterior spaces of the house, and ‘Rangoli’ is inscribed on the entrances and courtyards. It’s believed that these practices would please goddess ‘Lakshmi’, who apparently tries visiting each home during this auspicious period. This would eventually lead to the prosperity of the family. Another widely followed Diwali decorative idea is to inscribe the foot of goddess Lakshmi at the doorstep, which is said to bring positivity to the home.

Diwali is an occasion which lasts for a period of five days. It begins with ‘Dhanteras’ and ends with the occasion of ‘Bhai Dooj’. Few Diwali celebration ideas include offering special prayers to the gods, decorating the homes with lamps & garlands, feasting on mouth-watering delicacies, exchanging gifts and compliments amongst loved ones, and bursting crackers. People usually pamper themselves with articles made up of gold, especially on the occasion of ‘Dhanteras’, since it’s also considered to be auspicious to buy gold during this period. Members of a family and friends get together and illuminate the night skies by bursting various types of crackers. Sparklers, flower pots, and different colored rockets are the most popular ones. The celebrations end with the occasion of ‘Bhai Dooj’. During this occasion, sisters usually prepare dishes which their beloved brothers really adore. The brothers in return, pamper their siblings by offering them gifts, which would possibly meet their needs. Ethnic wear such as Kurtas, Sherwanis, and exotic Saris are also great Diwali celebration ideas, since Diwali is that time of the year which is really special for social gatherings. Flaunting such clothes during such occasions is also a very popular practice.