Chocolate Diwali Gifts

One of the biggest boons of Indian culture are the numerous customs and festivals, which have been followed or celebrated for many centuries now. One such festival which has been celebrated with great pomp and show for many centuries now is Diwali. Irrespective of the cultural and geographical differences across the country, this festival is one such occasion which makes the whole nation erupt in joy. It’s said that the festival was first celebrated to mark the return of Hindu mythological legend ‘Rama’ to his kingdom ‘Ayodhya’, after a 14 year exile. People welcome Diwali every year by lighting dozens of oil lamps outside their homes, bursting crackers, exchanging gifts and compliments amongst each other. Hence it would be better to term

 Since Diwali is an auspicious occasion, one of the best ways to celebrate this occasion is by pampering your sweet tooth. Traditionally, sweets made of ghee are prepared to celebrate this festival. However, experimenting with new kinds of sweets such as chocolates during Diwali is also not a bad idea. Different types of chocolates can be presented as gifts to your folks this festive season. Here are few chocolates which can be considered. Buying them from the nearest store is always the easy route, trying to make them this season is definitely worth a try.

Dark Chocolate

Just as the name suggests, this chocolate is really dark in appearance, and contains very less amount of milk. Fat and Sugar are added in large amounts to prepare dark chocolate, thus too much consumption may lead to too much body weight. A 100 gram bar of dark chocolate sample would contain high concentration of minerals such as Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Fiber and others. However consuming 100 grams would also add 300 calories to your body. However, the benefits of having dark chocolate are that it improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure. It also lowers the risk of falling prey to cardio-vascular diseases.

Bittersweet Chocolate

These chocolate are much bitter in taste, compared to dark chocolates. 50% of chocolate liquor is also added to make bittersweet chocolates. Few of these bars are also as highly concentrated as 70-80% in chocolate liquor.

Milk Chocolate

They have a much lighter appearance when compared to dark chocolates. Unlike dark chocolates, these have lesser amounts of chocolate liquor( around 12%), and more of condensed milk , or milk solids. Hence, they have a much lesser pronounced taste of chocolate. Milk chocolates have to be carefully prepared, as they are always prone to over-heating.

White Chocolate

The name is derived from the high amount of white cocoa which is added during its preparation. This chocolate does not contain any chocolate liquor unlike the others of its kind. They look white in color, and contain around 14% of milk, 20% of cocoa butter, and sugar in varying amounts.

Candy Coated Chocolate

When compared to dark or milk chocolates, these are quite cheaper, as they do not possess any chocolate liquor. Lack of this ingredient also makes them much poorer in taste compared to other chocolates. However, they have good melting properties, and are used in confectionary coating.

Gianduja Chocolate

This chocolate making style introduced by Europeans, is made from chocolate and hazelnut paste. Gianduja can also prepare using almond paste, instead of hazelnut. These chocolates are too soft to be solidified, or molded into your desired shapes. It’s preferred to roll or cut these soft chocolates.

Couverture Chocolates

These chocolates are mostly used by confectioners or professional bakers. A very high amount of cocoa butter (at least 30%), along with an equally high volume of chocolate alcohol is added into the making of these chocolates, thus, making them really expensive. However, shelling out more bucks on these chocolates is really worth it, since the high alcohol concentrations make them really sweet and melt faster in your mouths.

Finely Ground Chocolate

Though these chocolates might seem like cocoa powder, they are quite different. These are usually dark chocolates which are powdered after being prepared. These can be used to make chocolate milk shakes, and other similar sweet beverages. Chocoa powder is usually unsweetened, compared to finely ground chocolates. This is another property which differentiates the two.

Hence, rather than sticking to the tradition of preparing sweets by using Ghee, you can start a new trend by preparing and gifting chocolates to your loved ones, starting this Diwali.