Diwali Crackers

We live in an era where work related assignments are pushing people to far flung places, and away from their families. Indian culture is blessed with such rich traditions, and special occasions which make people to take time off their busy schedules, break the monotony of their everyday lives, and gather for family re-unions. One such special occasion is Diwali, which falls in the last quarter of every year. People settled in different parts of the world visit their families, and celebrate this occasion by bursting crackers, exchanging gifts, compliments, and offering prayers to goddess Lakshmi. Inhabitants of the kingdom ‘Ayodhya’ first introduced this festival to Indian culture, by lighting up their whole city with hundreds of lamps, to celebrate the homecoming of their legendary king ‘Rama’, after the end of his 14-year long exile.

The most memorable aspect of the festival Diwali is the tradition of bursting crackers. Perhaps, this would be the first thing which would strike the minds of most Indians, while speaking of Diwali. Most Indian adults of today would cherish the memories of their childhood, when they used to eagerly wait for an entire year for Diwali so that they can get their hands on a few crackers during those 2-3 days of Diwali. According to legends, crackers are also burst as a way of welcoming goddess Lakshmi, and shooing away negative forces in the surroundings of the house. Crackers are also one gift which gets people of all age groups equally excited. However, kids are undoubtedly the biggest fans of this gift. Here are few crackers which can be bought for Diwali this year. All these cracker varieties can be packed in a single box, gift wrapped, and presented to your near and dear ones.


These are long cylindrical sticks, which are very commonly used during Diwali. Sparklers are more like starters, when it comes to crackers. The bigger fireworks usually follow the sparklers. Such crackers are usually preferred even by elderly people, who are usually a bit skeptical about using other types of crackers such as bombs. Sparklers come in medium and big sizes, as well as different colors.

Flower Pots

Flower pots are cone shaped crackers which are a great visual delight to watch. A spark from a fire source is enough to light this cracker, which would lead to a fire fountain, lasting for a few seconds. Similar to sparklers, flower pots also come in small and big sizes, with the fountain impact of the bigger ones lasting longer.


Any Diwali cracker bursting activity is incomplete without rockets. These crackers which are thin sticks are usually stuffed into the mouths of bottles and lit using sparklers or incense sticks. Children of the same living community usually have rocket bursting competitions, to check which one would reach the highest distance post launch. Gifting someone a cracker box without rockets is as good as not giving anything.


Though most people find these crackers really annoying because of the excessive noise, bombs are really popular amongst the masses, especially the younger sections of people. However, many of them find it really thrilling to burst bombs. Bombs of different shapes are usually sold during Diwali. Circular and cylindrical shapes are the most common and widely available ones.


Garlands which are also known as ‘Lars’ are popular not just during Diwali but also while celebrating other joyous occasions. These garlands are usually made of many tiny red colored crackers (also known as ‘Bijli’) tied together. Garlands too come in different sizes, such as strings made up of 100, 1000 and even 10000 such tiny crackers.

Sky High Multi Shots

If there are crackers which do the best justice to the task of illuminating the night skies during Diwali, they are such multi shots. These are massive cylinders with surfaces covered by cardboards, and filled with chemical powder. These multi shot crackers are also quite expensive when compared to the other crackers. On igniting them, they would soar high up in the sky and bloom into various colors.

Bursting crackers is the most fun filled activity this Diwali. However, it’s better to be cautious while experimenting with such fireworks. So stay safe, and at the same time don’t compromise on the fun.