Diwali Flowers

Influences of the modern world, technology and a hectic lifestyle, has diluted our attachment towards cultural values. It’s sometimes even difficult to find time for our near and dear ones. In such an era, there are few occasions which keep us hooked to our culture and traditions. One such auspicious occasion is Diwali. Diwali also known as the ‘festival of lights’, falls in the last quarter of each year. People from all corners of India grandly celebrate this festival by illuminating their homes with lamps, offering prayers, exchanging gifts and bursting crackers. One aspect which people generally ignore, is that other than oil lamps and crackers, even flowers play an important role during this occasion. These are few flowers which can be considered while buying presents, as compared to the usual custom of buying the conventional gifts.


Marigold flowers have always been a part of most auspicious occasions, not just Diwali. During Diwali the frames of the entrance doors of most homes are decorated with Marigold garlands or door hangings. These door hangings are also known as ‘Thorans’. Marigold flowers are also used in making Rangoli or special designs in the courtyards of homes during such occasions. Buying such flowers in a large quantity is definitely going to help your folks in decorating the house for Diwali.


These exotic flowers originated from the Eurasian territory. These flowers come in different colors, offering you a wide variety of choices for selection. These flowers are categorized as Pink Carnations, light red, dark red, white, evergreen, striped, purple and yellow carnations based on their colors. Each of these colored carnations signifies different emotions such as love, admiration, good luck etc. The Carnations were first used by the Greeks and Romans in their garlands. However, these flowers are now being widely cultivated in India as well, for commercial purposes. Gifting these flowers will be a breath of fresh air from the usual Lilies, Jasmines and Lotuses.


Perhaps the most famous one of all the flowers, Roses have been an epitome of love and romance since time immemorial. Similar to Carnations, Roses too come in different forms such as Red, White Yellow and other colors. Many different meanings of roses have been deciphered over the years based on their colors. For instance a red rose signifies true love, whereas Yellow roses signify friendship etc. Though Roses are not very unusual flowers, they are definitely quite different gifts for an occasion like Diwali, where sweets and crackers are the order of the day. A bunch of these flowers would put a wide smile on just any face for that matter.


These flowers have become quite popular in India since more than a decade now. Orchids, which originally belong to Thailand, are much in demand even for weddings, valentine dates, or any special occasion for that matter. Brushing their lush petals with fingertips is something really delightful. If you aren’t happy about gifting orchids alone, a bunch of these flowers, coupled with a nice greeting card, would perhaps be close to a perfect Diwali gift.


Other than just the exotic Orchids, or the legendary Roses, bouquets containing a wide variety of other flowers can also be given away as gifts. If money is a constraint which doesn’t allow you to buy expensive exotic flowers, cheaper bouquets are also available with most florists. These flowers also look really elegant, and when wrapped with silver paper and curled ribbons, it makes them look much prettier. A mix of flowers such as Gladys, Lilies, Gerberas, Iris and others usually make good bouquets.


Jasmine flowers have also been a favorite amongst Indians for many years, and have been widely used during rituals and prayers. These flowers are usually offered as presents to gods during religious ceremonies, and even used to decorate homes during special occasions. These flowers are also reasonably priced. Lilies can also be used to decorate the homes in a unique way , their petals can be sprinkled in big brass vessels filled with water. These vessels can be placed at entrances and courtyards, and would greatly contribute to the aesthetic appeal of a dwelling. Hence, a bag full of lilies given away as a present can contribute greatly to Diwali decorations.