Diwali Gold Gifts

One of the most famous and eagerly awaited festivals, which also brings family members together for great celebrations, is Diwali. This occasion also known as the ‘festival of lights’ was first celebrated by the residents of kingdom ‘Ayodhya’, to celebrate the homecoming of the legendary king ‘Rama’, after the latter ended his 14-year long exile. The conventional methods of celebrating this festival is offering prayers to ‘Lakshmi’, the goddess of wealth and positivity, exchanging gifts, compliments, flaunting new clothes, and bursting crackers. ‘Dhanteras’, or the first day of Diwali, is considered really auspicious to purchase gifts made up of precious metal, especially gold. Here are few gifting options which can be given a deep thought, before making a trip to the nearest jewelry store.

Gold Idols

Idols of gods and goddesses such as ‘Lakshmi’ and ‘Ganesha’ are extremely popular during Diwali. Its said that when such idols are kept in the lockers/safes or any suitable place of a home, it would ward off signs of negativity, and would eventually lead to prosperity of the family members. According to age-old customs, these idols have to ideally go through a holy ritual and then installed at an appropriate place for better results. Pleasing ‘Lakshmi’, the goddess of wealth, is said to provide significant financial growth, whereas worshipping ‘Ganesha’ is said to be remove obstacles in the path of success.

Gold Coins

Other than idols, even gold coins with inscriptions of divine figures such as Lord ‘Ganesha’ and goddess ‘Lakshmi’ are said to bring lot of positivity into the lives of people who possess them. Similar to gold idols, even these coins have to be a part of holy rituals before ending up at any other suitable spot. Such coins are highly in demand during Diwali. Other than the ‘Lakshmi’ and ‘Ganesha’ coins, there are other coins which are also believed to bring a lot of luck. ‘Feng shui’ gold coins with inscriptions such as that of the Laughing Buddha, and others are also claimed by many people to be auspicious.

Gold Watches

Divine figures are not the only gifts which you can think of during Diwali. Fashion accessories made of gold are also equally popular during this period. Gold watches are probably one of the best fashion accessories which would be equally liked by both men and women. Many national and international watch brands offer varieties of such Gold plated pieces at special discounted prices during this festive season. Watches would definitely be considered as one of the most memorable gifts by anyone.

Gold plated Photo frames

If few old, nostalgic pictures of you and your folks are easily accessible, you can lend an artistic touch to these photographs by getting them photo framed. Though materials like wood are usually used for photo frames, gold plated frames are poles apart from the rest as far as aesthetics is concerned. A gift which reminds any person of his/her glorious past is definitely considered a great idea. Many stores in towns and cities offer such gold framing services.

Golden Ornaments

Jewelry which can be worn for parties, social gatherings, and other important occasions are also purchased during Diwali. Most jewelers also offer their exotic pieces at subsidized rates, making this occasion just the right time to buy such accessories. Golden necklace, bracelets, earrings and even anklets are great things to buy, especially to impress the women in your family. People who believe that precious gems can change their luck and destiny, usually wear rings consisting of precious gems such as Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire embedded in a gold outer covering during Diwali, especially on ‘Dhanteras’, the first day of the festival. Many people claim that such gem-embedded gold rings have changed their fortunes.

Golden Bowls

Though bowls made of Silver are mostly used by people, Golden bowls would be really good gifts for marriages and house-warming ceremonies. These golden Bowls can come in very handy during parties or social gatherings.

Golden Puja Thalis

Golden Thalis with inscriptions of ‘Lakshmi’ and ‘Ganesha’ are very useful for the prayer rooms. Unlike the bowls, such Thalis can be used on a daily basis, not just special occasions like Diwali. A puja Thali generally holds an incense stick stand, an Aarti, and also a bell.