Diwali Home & Kitchen Gifts

Life in 21st century has become more of a rat race, and it hasn’t spared India as well. Work related assignments are making people relocate to remote destinations, and stay away from families. Our culture has got its own ways to deal with this monotony. One such excuse to spend some time with family members is through festivals. Amongst the dozen festivals belonging to Indian culture, an occasion which is celebrated with great enthusiasm, and is eagerly anticipated by many is Diwali. This festival was introduced to the Indian culture by the subjects of kingdom ‘Ayodhya’, who illuminated the whole town to welcome their king, the legendary ‘Rama’, who returned home after a long exile spanning 14 years. The festival has been celebrated for centuries now by Indian subjects, by lighting lamps, exchanging gifts, sweets, and compliments.

Gifting is one of the most important aspects associated with Diwali. Even if your busy schedule does not permit you to visit your family, friends or relatives this year, the least you can do to make sure that this festival becomes memorable for them, is buying them a present. Although clothes and sweets are really popular Diwali gifts, kitchen and home oriented presents are definitely going to make the mothers, sisters and wives really happy this year, and a reason for the women in your home to stop complaining of your absence. Though your folks at home are managing to adorn the home all by themselves, these are few suggestions through which you can do your bit to support them.


Utensils made up of Brass, porcelain or ceramic, are not just really useful because they can be used on a daily basis, but also look great on the kitchen shelves, adding to the aesthetic value.

Curtains/ Drapes

Curtains are probably one of the first things any person entering your living room would notice. Choosing drapes of a color which also matches with the interiors of your rooms would be a great contribution to the elegance of your home. Even without making a trip to a home décor store, you can choose one with the right color and design from the wide variety of options available online.

Microwave Oven

If you expect your folks to bake cookies or just anything for you during your return, gift them a microwave first, for Diwali this year. It would let your mother try all those recipes that she couldn’t due to the absence of a microwave at home. Microwave is also the next best thing to a barbeque.

Mixer Grinder

Although most people would have one mixer grinder at home, the tendency is to use the same one for many years even though the machine is prone to many defects. Gifting a mixer grinder would not just make this Diwali, but the next few years memorable for your loved ones back home.


If Dosas or Rotis are the breads which are frequently prepared at your home, then a ‘Tawa’ or a non-stick pan would be really useful for your kitchen. So every time the Dosa batter is poured on this pan, or a circular piece of wheat is placed on this pan for a deep fry, you will be remembered at home, even if it lasts for only a split second.


This gift can come in very handy for those people who prefer toast for breakfast, since their hectic schedule won’t give them enough time, especially in the mornings, to prepare anything else. A toaster would make life much easier for those who waste some time toasting pieces of bread on a tawa.

Iron Box

A person who wants his shirts neatly ironed, and doesn’t tolerate even the smallest crease will really value this, perhaps even more than a box of gold. All the corporate hunks in your family, who are always very particular about dressing well to office, will really be flattered by this gesture.

Gifting is always not about giving away expensive items which can be used only during one-off occasions. It’s always a better practice for all of us to consider items which can make life much more convenient for others. So give these items a deep thought while thinking of a present for a family member.