Handicraft Diwali Gifts

Other than its natural beauty, and abundant resources, India has loads to offer in terms of culture. Spread over 32,287,590 sq. km, this part of the Asian sub-continent is home to diverse cultural practices and many festivals. Of the many festivals celebrated in this country, one occasion which people wait for, with baited breath, and celebrate with great pomp and show, is Diwali. Diwali is a festival which is equally popular in all corners of India irrespective of the cultural, linguistic, and geographical disparities. This festival which lasts for 2-3 days is celebrated by illuminating homes by lighting lamps, bursting crackers, and exchange of gifts and compliments amongst loved ones.

Exchanging gifts is a practice which has been followed for ages in Indian culture. Gift giving has also been an integral part of Diwali celebrations, over the years. Though people these days might pick one from the nearest store, or an online shopping portal at the last minute, a handmade gift is always considered special. Taking time off your busy schedule to make a gift will not just impress your beloved one, but also bring out the creativity hidden within you. Here are few suggestions which can be considered for this festive season.

Door hangings

Decorating the frames of entrance doors is a practice which has been followed over many years now. Garlands made up of leaves of the mango tree being tied at the frames of entrance doors, is still a custom which is widely followed during marriages and house warming ceremonies.

Garlands of either flowers or Mango leaves can be hand-made, instead of buying them from the market. This is one of the most basic things you can do to ensure that your house is all decked up for Diwali.

Acrylic Rangoli

Floral designs or ‘Rangoli’ can be illustrated on paper, and chopped using scissors in the desired way. These paper designs can be colored using acrylic paints. Large vessels or bowls can be half-filled with water and placed at the entrances of the home, or even courtyards. These paper designs can be made to float on these bowls of water. This would greatly contribute to the aesthetics of the home.

Terracota Handicrafts

Terracota items are reddish brown in color, and are made up of a type of clay ceramic, which is either glazed or unglazed. Statues or idols of animals, mythological figure, and even pots made of terracotta are quite popular. Though its difficult to make these items, they are good gifts, and kind of an encouragement to the creativity and hard work of a few artisans. These gifts also contribute greatly to the aesthetic value of the home.

Clay Lamps

Buy clay after making a trip to your nearest store. This clay can be molded into the desired shapes. After molding them into desired shapes, these lamps can be painted using acrylic colors. These lamps can either be placed at the exterior spaces of the home, or they can be made to float on few bowls or vessels half filled with water. These bowls or vessel can be kept at the entrance of houses.


Lamp shades, and other similar decorative items can be prepared out of paper. If your home has a lot of old incandescent bulbs, a lamps shade thus created can be used to cover these bulbs, which adds to the aesthetic appeal of the homes and give an impression that the house is completely ready to embrace the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

Wall Hangings

There are no bounds to the creativity that is possible with wall hangings. People comfortable with embroidery can display their creativity on a cloth using a needle and thread. The result of all the hard work can be framed and hung on a wall. Those who express themselves using a canvas and painting brush can create a marvel using few colors and strokes of a painting brush. These also would make your home look really elegant.

The possibilities of making a product using your own creativity are infinite. Instead of hastily shelling out a lot of money on expensive products, at retail outlets, it’s better that you experiment with your creativity this Diwali. Moreover, it also lends a personalized touch to your gift.