Handmade Diwali Gifts

India is a country which is home to millions of people, diverse geographies, hundreds of different languages, dialects and traditions. There are few festivals and occasions which are equally well-celebrated by millions of people across the country, irrespective of their diversity. One such occasion is Diwali. Diwali is also known as the ‘festival of lights’. According to ancestral philosophy, this festival is an occasion where the darkness of our lives, caused by agony, is removed by lighting an array of oil lamps placed at the exteriors of houses. Diwali was first celebrated many centuries ago to mark the homecoming of Hindu mythological legend ‘Rama’. Ever since then, Indians have been following a tradition of lighting lamps, exchanging gifts & condiments amongst friends and family members.

Exchanging gifts during special occasions has been a very important practice in Indian culture, and has been followed by people for many centuries now. Hence our festivals are also occasions to uplift the emotions of our loved ones. Though gold necklaces and gift hampers have been really popular gifts all these years, it makes any person feel more special when a hand-made gift is presented. There’s no better way than investing your time and patience in making a gift, it just shows the receiver how much you love him/her. Here are few good options for handmade gifts which can be considered for Diwali this year.

Flower Décor

This is not exactly a gift which can be given away to a special one, but this practice is something which can be done to decorate your home, and thus help your parents. Instead of investing money on expensive orchids available at the market, you can pick those flowers which blossom in the tree in your backyard and make garlands out of them. These flower garlands can be tied across window and door frames. You can even pick one of those brass bowls which haven’t been used for ages, fill them up with water and make few flower petals float on the water surface. Such bowls can be placed in courtyards or entrances of the houses, thus making a great contribution to the aesthetic sense of your dwellings.

Paper Craft

Your interest or knowledge about ‘Origami’ is going to be of significantly in making gifts made up of paper for Diwali this year. Colored paper, which is generally used for making kites, can be creatively chopped to make wall hangings, flowers and artistic lamp shades. Such decorative wall hangings and other creative paper works are sure to bring some smiles and expressions of joy on the faces of your near and dear ones.

Handmade ‘Diyas’ or Lamps

The immediate thought which strikes one’s mind when speaking of Diwali are the ‘Diyas’ which decorate a house during this festival. Instead of buying them from a nearby store, you can make one by molding porcelain or clay into the desired shapes or sizes. These clay lamps can then be painted, to achieve that perfect artistic touch. Pack them in a box and gift it to your beloved ones.

Handmade Photo frames

This is perhaps one of the best things which can be made gifted to a loved one. All you need is a couple of pieces of cardboard. These cardboard pieces can be cut into rectangular pieces, and stuck over each other, to make it look like a photo frame. A carter sheet can be used to cover the frame. Select few vibrant colors of your choice and paint these photo frames. Whether the photograph is great or not, photo frame is definitely going to be memorable for your loved one.

Handmade Greeting Cards

Plain sheets of paper have been one of the best spots for the outflow of creativity. Not just poems or stories, even expressing your love through creative Diwali compliments, can be done on blank paper. Few colors can be used to probably draw something and pen down your thoughts in your own handwriting. This would lend a personalized touch to your Diwali gift, rather than buying expensive cards with words printed on them.

Handmade items make great Diwali gifts for various reasons. One of them is that it’s one of the best ways to display your affection, and it also keeps you busy during the Diwali holidays with some fun activities.