Diwali Gift Ideas

We all share a bitter-sweet relationship with our relatives. But in the truest sense we love them more than we hate them. After all, they are blood. Diwali is the right opportunity to strengthen that loose chords between you and your relatives. This can be done by getting together and celebrating the joy of Diwali together. It can further be strengthened by gifting them some souvenirs. However, gifting relatives is always a tricky thing. There are so many relatives and you cannot please everyone. Plus there is the fear that they may not like your choice. They may most likely end up exchanging it for stuff they like. Hence, it is better to play safe and get something which everyone likes and can use. We provide you with some safe and smart options that will leave your relatives happy this Diwali. In case, you are looking for more exciting options make sure to check our site which will give you a plethora of ideas from where you can make place your order. And you don’t have to worry about the shipping too as it is free.

Sweets/Mithai Dhabba

Diwali is a time when the house is filled with variety of sweets. Since, Diwali is a joyous occasion it is a tradition to share sweets amongst everyone. It is a time when you don’t count the calories and don’t watch your waist line. It is about filling the stomach and heart with sweets and happiness. You can also include some savories to go along with the sweets.

Dry-fruit Box

This is another good idea. This can be bought in bulk and it is not perishable. As dry fruits have a long shelf life it makes a great gift. It comes in attractive and colorful packaging which makes them more alluring. The dry-fruit box can include cashews, raisins, figs, almonds, pistas, dates, prunes and different types of nuts. This is a wholesome and healthy gift too.

Chinaware Ceramics

This is yet another good idea as everyone loves Chinaware. It is delicate, fancy and has great utility. They could use this Chinaware to stock all the sweets & dry-fruits they receive for Diwali. Apart from having great utility, Chinaware adds a very earthy feel to their house. So, Chinaware can add an aesthetic dimension to their houses.

Travel Bag

In a time when travelling as become a part of our lifestyle, the one thing that is missing in our wardrobe is a perfect travel bag. We all have travel bags, but it is either too big or too small or not a back pack. Gift them waterproof, sturdy travel bags that make their travelling easier.

Bamboo Boxes/items

If you want to go green this Diwali, you could skip the crackers and do a ton of good to the environment. Also you could gift bamboo boxes instead of plastic boxes. This is a win-win for both you and your relatives as you bamboo products are cheap and you don’t end up spending a bomb on them. And also if you are expecting a hoard of relatives this can be bought in bulk and gifted.

Candle Holders

As Diwali is a festival of Lights, it is no secret the house will be lit up with earthen Diyas and Candles. While most of them would go the conventional way and gift them candles, you can gift them candle holders. There are some fancy, bright, vibrant candle holders available. They are available in wood, ceramic, plastic and glass. The choice is up totally up to you depending on their taste and your budget.

Fancy Calendars

Diwali is in a way beginning of a new year to all Indians. Help your relatives plan ahead, schedule by gifting them Calendars. Give them poster size fancy calendars that can be flung in their homes. These calendars can be theme based such as seasons, bikes, festivals, zodiac signs travel places. You could also give them desk calendars which can be placed in their office are or in the living room. There are a lot of hand-made calendars also available.