Diwali Gift Ideas For Boss

India is so diverse when it comes to food, language and food. Despite this diversity, the whole nation celebrates Diwali. Such is the effect of a festival which is larger than Life itself. Come Diwali and the air is filled with an infectious festivity buzz. Just like any festival, there are pujas, spread of food, and also vibrant fireworks. However, the biggest part of the festival is gifts. We gift the most important people in our life on this day to express our love for them. And one such important person who has a big impact in our life is our Boss .You do not want to go wrong here. Your head must be exploding with gifting ideas. Are you in a dilemma on choosing that perfect gift? We are here to help you with just that. Here are some unique gifts and other gifts which can be made unique and personalized.


A watch is the most old-fashioned, classic gift ever. It is the ‘Gift of Time’! Time for your Boss is the most precious thing ever. He will definitely want that perfect piece of collectible from where he can read Time. Also, there is no such thing as too many watches. So, you don’t have to worry thinking what if he already owns one. Give it a personal touch by having his name engraved on the dial or perhaps a strap that can be changed every day to go with his attire. If you have some extra cash at disposal and want to go hi-tech, ‘Apple-watch’ may be your best bet.

Personalized Planner/Diaries

Hmm, what do you think is the best gift for the busiest man in your office? Well, Duh! No Prizes for guessing that one. Personalized planner/diary that will help him sort his plans, schedules, work and meetings. Perhaps, one of those books that you know for sure will not end up just hitting a book- shelf. He will love it even if he is not a ‘Book person’. He is going to thank you for this handy gift on a very busy day.

Laptop Bags/Laptop skins

Is your budget a little tight to gift him a laptop? That’s ok. No worries. You can still gift him a laptop bag. The sophisticated laptop your boss owns is not complete unless he owns a bag that will do equal justice to that pricey laptop. So, go ahead and gift him the most creative and personalized bags. If you can stretch a little bit and if you know that your boss swears by a brand, splurge on a branded laptop bag. Just to make the whole experience complete, you could also slip in a funky laptop skin in the laptop bag as a surprise element. However, make sure the skin is as customized as possible and it completely defines his character. If you get this right, you may earn some unexpected brownie points.

Coffee Lovers Basket

Most of us kick-start our day with a cup of steaming coffee. We are all tired of the coffee that we get from our pantry which is more often gone cold or gone bad if the coffee machine is not doing its job well. You are not alone in this. Your boss drinks the same coffee too. He must be sick of it, but just not saying it. So, surprise him with a Coffee Lovers basket which has an array of the world’s best coffee, one for each day in a week. If you think he is not a coffee drinker, well there is no harm in invoking an appetite for coffee in him. After all, coffee is an acquired taste. And do not forget the caffeine in it which gets even a coffee-hater to get hooked on to it. And if you are having a rough day with him, just serve him a cup of this which may smoothen out things between you guys.


Book as a gift never goes out of fashion. A Boss in all likelihood is a well-read man who knows the true value of a book. In all possibility it could be a good book that has influenced or made him what he is today. A great boss will never underestimate the power of a book. However, we suggest be wise in choosing the correct book. We recommend you to understand his interest and hobbies before you zero in on the right book. For instance, if he is in the managerial domain, a book on management will fit the bill perfectly. If you think he has a humorous side to him, you could probably give something more light, racy and funny. This will help him loosen up on a rough day.

Desktop Golf Game

If he is the boss, you would expect to see him to hang around in office pretty much all day. In that case, there is no time on hand for any relaxation. He may have to forget playing golf for the rest of his life. But with a gift like Desktop Golf Game, he may not have to step out to play the game, but you can bring the game to him. If he understands and loves sports, he will be impressed by your choice of gift.