Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees

It is that time of the year when the streets are going to be decked, lit up brightly, fire crackers going ablaze, gorge on the festive delicacies and of course go shopping. No Diwali is Diwali without shopping. And the best part is you don’t shop for yourself. You shop for others too. After all gifting each other is an integral part of Diwali. If there is one way and the best way to shower love on someone, that is in the form of gifts. This is generally the time when all the Bosses of the company take it easy, are more benevolent in giving away gifts and goodies. It also to a certain extent marks the reputation of a company. Better the gift is, better the company will be. Better the gift is, better the performance of an employee for that year will be. So, gifting is a whole lot of big deal. All you bosses, sit up and listen. Leave no stone unturned to be generous to your employees this Diwali. Go ahead and impress them with our most budget-friendly and unique gifts. You can select from a range of gifts available on our e-commerce portal. Gift your employees and earn the extra admiration. Here are a few gifts that may make your employee’s Diwali memorable.


Give your employee the option of working in the comfort of home by gifting them a storage device such as Pen-drives and Hard-disk. This makes them work from the confines of their home when they cannot make it to office. This is a win-win gift idea for any employer as the employee is happy and the work does not suffer either.


We are no more in school to wear a standard uniform every day. Everyone runs out of clothes. Gift them a T-shirt this Diwali. You could buy high quality T-shirts from our portal and also give it a twist by adding some fun messages on the tees. You could print the company’s Logo and tag line on tee. This way, the employee has a new Tee in his wardrobe and your company is more popular every time your employee steps out wearing this shirt and flashing the Company’s name, logo and tagline.

Back-Bags/Vanity Bags

One of the best and most probably the only accessory we can flaunt in an environment such as an office is our bag. So, it better be good or better than the best. We provide you with our coolest, trendiest and funkiest collection of back-packs for men and vanity bags for women. Again, you can steal the idea of giving it a personal touch and have your company’s logo inked on these bags. You could also gift them laptop bags if they use laptops extensively. We have water proof bags available which will keep your employees laptops safe from the wear and tear of rough weather conditions.


This is a brilliant Diwali gift. You don’t have to worry that it may only cater to the ladies section of your company. The men can pass it on to their wives. This could call for hosting dinner parties. Everyone likes to flaunt their delicate, fine crockery to the world. And Diwali is synonymous to elaborate serving of food. With these sizeable portions of serving, any number of crockery is always less.

Assorted Basket

If you can make your mind up on one best thing you can gift your employee, don’t fret. We have a solution for this too. You can gift them with an assorted basket. This basket has a variety of Diwali sweet for the elderly, chocolates, candies and goodies for the kids and a Diwali card with the best wishes for all. This will keep the entire family happy.

Mobile Phones

Want to be always connected to your employee? What better than a mobile phone? With the most affordable phones in market, mobile phones are no more a luxury product and an asset of the elite. Gift them a phone and stay connected. If the budget can be stretched, there is nothing like a smart phone. You can go an extra mile and get a free sim installed in the phones. This way it can be an office-purpose phone only.


Treat your employees on a full-paid holiday or treat them a fine dining. For the female co-workers you could gift them coupons for a spa or a lifestyle experience. Your employees have a world outside their office cubicles.