Diwali Gift Ideas For Family

Diwali is already upon us. There are a million things associated with Diwali. Light everywhere and smiles on every face. It is the time for some fun frolic, cheer and contagious festivity buzz in the air. It is one time of the year, when the entire family comes together and celebrates the grandeur. Every year this time around, most of us find ourselves in a big fix and we are scrounging for brilliant ideas to gift our kins. After all gifts are one thing everyone eagerly waits for. It has got to be the best. Make this Diwali awesome by surprising them with the best gifts. Check into our site for some brilliant ideas and place your order right away. We will do the shipping for free! Just to give you an idea about the gifts, we have listed out some for you. In case you are looking for more fascinating gifts, do check our site.

Photo-Shoot For The Entire Family

Diwali is a time when the entire family comes together. It is not just your close circle but also the extended family that comes together. It is a 5 day long festival when the schools and offices are shut. This means everyone including kids is spending quality time with each other. This is the perfect opportunity for a photo-shoot of the entire family. You can hire a professional photographer and get a photo-shoot in your home or a nice location. Give a copy of this to all the family members. Frame this in your house. It will remind you of the good times.


What is Diwali without Lights, Lamps, Lanterns and earthen Diyas. They enhance the elegance of your homes. If you want to gift a lantern but think it could be a common gift for Diwali, we recommend sky lanterns. These are lit and let to float in the sky. If everyone one of you in the family lights a sky lantern and leave it in the sky together, it will make a beautiful sight. Watch this beautiful lantern in motion with your entire family until it becomes a distant speck of light on the horizon.

Movie Night Gift Basket

Want to go eco-friendly this Diwali and not spend the Diwali night lighting fireworks? The best option would be to watch a movie with the entire family. But don’t want to hit the big screen? Then get the movies to you by buying a movie night basket which comes with a DVD and some munchies to go along with the movie. These munchies include pop-corn, chips, chocolates, candy bars and much more. Enjoy movie time with your family.

Home & Kitchen Appliances

Buy gifts useful to home and kitchen this Diwali. Based on the requirement you could buy electronic appliances such as toasters and coffee machines to make your mornings easier. Or go for an induction stove which will come handy when your kitchen runs out of gas. An oven is also a good idea. There will be someone who will put the oven to good use by baking fresh cakes and muffins. If not, at least to re heat your cold coffee. You could also buy some non-kitchen appliances such as an iron box or a boom box or a washing machine. Or replace your dad’s old shaving kit with a brand new one.

Pizza Coupons

Treat your family with family size pizzas this Diwali. Pizzas are a hit among all. Everyone loves a slice of this heaven. The kids, elderly and the grandparents are all crazy about this sinful bread. Order pizzas with different toppings and gorge on them with your family. Make this Diwali night a pizza night!

Home Linen

Give your house a facelift by changing the drapes. Buy some beautiful, elegant drapes that transform the house. You could maintain a single type of drape for the entire house or make it room specific. Choose the color, fabric and style for each room based on personal taste of your family members.