Diwali Gift Ideas For Father

Diwali is the most popular festival for all Hindus. It is celebrated with great zeal and zest with our family. After our mother, our father is the most important person in our life and he had a lot to do with our upbringing. We are what we are because of him and we owe a good deal to him. Diwali gives us an opportunity to tell him how much we love & respect him. Sometimes, words fall short. Your words should be supplemented with something more permanent like a tangible gift. The run-of-the mill presents is not enough for the most important man in your life. He deserves the best gift. He deserves something better than the ordinary. Are you running out of ideas to surprise your dad this Diwali. Steal an idea or buy a gift using our online services and we will ship the gift without any charges for shipping.

Hands-free Bluetooth
How many times have you not heard your mum tell your dad not to talk on phone while driving? Want to make both your dad and mum come to a truce on this issue? Buy your dad a hands-free Bluetooth and your mum is not going to have a problem with him talking on phone while he drives.

A Dart Board
Throwing/Playing darts is a good sport for oldies. This will make a great and unique gift. Join him with this game and have some competition. Pull your mum into the game too and make this a family sport every weekend. The person who hits the bull’s eye gets a treat.

Beer Coaster Set/Beer Mats
Make your dad’s beer drinking session cooler and cleaner by gifting him a set of Beer Coaster Set. Say bye to the beer circles that are left behind on the tables. You can pick from some fancy coasters. You could also give beer mats on which they can rest their beer bottles. They come in different fabric, colors and style. Pick something that will appeal to your dad’s taste.

Precious Stones
Elderly people believe in the power of some precious gems and stones. Gift your dad a birth stone that will bring him all the good luck, fortune and prosperity. You could also give finger rings with these precious stones or gift them as pendants. These precious stones include emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, pearls, amethysts and the like. Gem stones are believed to contain a lot of positive energy and power that comes from the earth. It is of the belief that every stone possesses it’s own set of vibrations that can bring about more of that kind of energy in your life – such as love, good health, wealth, peace and harmony.

Good Luck Charms
For centuries now, good luck charms have been used in different traditions. These good luck charms are different in different cultures. Chinese use Feng Shui to enhance good wealth, health, well-being of family, good sleep and work. It is always best to seek advice from an expert before using these good luck charms. The place where you keep these charms has a lot to do with the efficiency in how they work.

A Pen
Like they say words are mightier than action. Gift your dad a classic pen which will perfectly slip into his shirt pocket. A good old fountain pen is classic and will never go out dated.

Bed-side Lamp shade
Add character to the bed side table with a stunning bedside lamp that will sit perfectly and go with the room décor. This will not only uplift the stylish quotient of your dad’s room but also has great utility. He could use while reading when he does not need bright light coming from the tube light. Also see if you can gift a lamp shade where he can adjust the amount of brightness coming from it. You can choose from a range of bed side lamp like vintage or contemporary depending on his taste.