Diwali Gift Ideas For Fiance

Diwali is certainly the biggest, brightest and the most cheerful festival in India. It is a time for celebration of everything around us, celebration of the triumph of good, celebration of togetherness, happiness, peace, harmony and life itself. It is also about sharing happiness with family and friends. It is a time when everyone forgets their indifferences and come together. It is also a day to exchange gifts. The entire idea behind sharing gifts is expressing your love, affection, gratitude, appreciation towards each other. Have a loved one in mind who you want surprise this Diwali? Do not miss this chance to impress. You can now give your loved one/fiancé the best of gifts by placing an order on using our online services. We take care of the rest. The gift will be delivered to your loved one and we also ship it for free.

Love Bands/Couple Rings

Gift your fiancé and yourself a love band that you can flaunt in front of the entire world. Show off your strong, undying relationship to the world in the form of a love band. You can have your names engraved on it. She can wear the ring with his name on the ring while he can wear a ring with her name on the ring. This is the best way to remind yourself the love you share with each other.


If you are thinking of a luxury product, perfume is your best bet. However, be wary of the type of perfume you are picking as the choice of perfume is very personal depending on their favorite scents. People may get very finicky and choosy about the fragrance. If it is a she, the safest option would be something more fruity or floral. If it is for a guy, go with something more musky, woody & earthy scent. Also be cautious about the body reactions to different perfumes. Do a good research before you pick the right perfume.


Table Foosball is a good option if the gift is for him. He could put this in the game room of your future house. This could be an entertaining sport for the two of you. Or he could invite his buddies home for a game of foosball. When tired of watching football, they could play foosball.

Beer Mug Set

Gift him/her a Beer mug set. Enjoy a mug of beer with your fiancé. You could

have funny and funky messages written on these Beer mugs. Make beer drinking more fun with this Beer Mug Set.

Gaming/Play Station

Is your fiancé hooked on to gaming? Can’t you get him/her off that cool gadget? Why not please him/her with a gaming station. This way you also be involved with them as a partner in this game along with being a partner in life. Spruce up your relationship by gifting them a fun gaming station.

A musical instrument

Is your fiancé inclined to music or any musical instrument? Well, it is a good gift even if they are not. Invoke a musical interest in your fiancé by gifting this musical treasure. A guitar is one of the most popular instrument choices as gift. Along with the instrument you can enroll your fiancé and yourself to a class that teaches you to play the instrument. Go ahead and bond over scintillating music.

Throw Pillow & Covers (Personalized)

Want to gift your fiancé something fun that will keep your relationship alive and kicking? Hoard some comfy fluffy pillows and give it a personalized touch by using some covers with personalized messages on them. You could customize them by adding your photos as a couple and leave a message. These throw back pillows can be used on sofas in the living -room on the beds.

A Couple Caricatures

Surprise your fiancé by making him sit down for a caricature of the two of you together. You can have this framed and have it hung in your living room or bed room.

Fine Dining For Two

Take your fiancé out on a romantic dinner. You can choose a fine dining place/ a theme based restaurant. You could propose for marriage on this date. Stick to the basics and drop a ring in her/his champagne. Arrange for a personalized band to play his/her favorite music. You can ask him/her for a dance. Sing, if you can carry a tune. Else strum a guitar or tinkle the ivories on a piano or serenade him/her with your best performance or pen a beautiful poem. Finish it off with a cake. Wrap up the dinner and take a midnight stroll home.


Want to capture those beautiful moments you share forever? A camera would be your best pick. Make those special moments last forever. If your fiancé enjoys photography, help her/him take it to the next level by gifting them a professional camera such a DSLR.