Diwali Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

When we hear Diwali, it is but obvious to picture images such as lights, diyas, crackers and gifts. We all know it is not an easy job to please your girlfriend. Make this Diwali special for her and leave no room for complaints by gifting her. You don’t need an occasion to gift girls. If it is an occasion such as Diwali, a gift is a mandate. There is no excuse for not gifting your girlfriend. We can help you with this endeavor by helping you choose from a variety of gifts that will leave your girlfriend charmed. Tired of brainstorming on the right gift for your girlfriend? We can help you with this muddle. You are at the right place. All you need to do is get some inspiration from a few ideas we have listed below or use our online services to book a unique gift for your girlfriend this Diwali. The best part is the gifts are reasonably cheap and we ship it to your girlfriend for free.


It is the best time to buy jewelry as it is auspicious to buy jewelry during the Diwali season. Plus it is one of those precious gifts a girl would not mind having in abundance. There is no such thing as more jewelry. She will never say no to jewelry, so you don’t run the risk of her not liking the gift. Jewelry is a girl’s best friend. A girl always takes her jewelry seriously. Be sure to understand her taste and choose the right jewelry. Find out if she is the minimalistic type or the one who loves her bling. You can make this experience better by choosing the jewelry with her from our online service instead of surprising her and ending up gifting her something that she may not approve of.

Stuffed Toys/Dolls/Barbie

If your girlfriend is into stuffed toys, gift her dolls or barbie or stuffed animals. You could gift her from a range of options such as kunfu pandas, bears, monkeys and other fictional characters.


Every girl hopes for a perfect clutch that will go well with her evening wear. Believe us, they secretly hope for this, although they may not be vocal about it. There are a range of clutches you can choose from our e-commerce site which include golden sequenced clutches, embroidery clutches, shimmering glass clutch, sparkling silver clutch, vintage clutch or a complete white/black clutch which will serve the purpose of a day clutch. Pearl clutches and Swarovski clutches are also in fashion. You may want to consider these if your girlfriend swears by the trend.


Gifting a scarf is symbolic to reassuring him/her & want him/her to be in the (morally) good path always. Hence, gift your girlfriend a scarf this Diwali and send her the message that she means a lot to you and wish to see her on the good side always. With our wide collection of scarfs, you don’t have to scratch your head. They come in different prints such as floral, animal, polka dots, checks etc.

Little Black Dress

No girl’s wardrobe is complete without the Little Black dress that she wears for an evening party or on a casual day. We all know when you don’t know what to wear, we choose black. There is nothing like a Llittle Black Dress that will make a girl’s day. It is staunchly believed by the fashion observers that Little Black Dress is something that will never go out of fashion. It is simple yet elegant. She can add a touch of glamour by pairing it with some accessories or just a simple jacket if she wants a day look.

Assortment of Chocolates, Sweets and Namkeen

As much as girls hate putting on weight, they love and relish their sweets and chocolates. Nothing can stop them from binging on chocolates, not even a few extra pounds. Gift them a basket of their favorite chocolates, sweets and some namkeen (savories). Include dark chocolates, Lindt and other favorites of her. Make sure they are not perishable.