Diwali Gift Ideas For Husband

Diwali is a one of the widely celebrated festival in India. It is a festival celebrated with joy and cheer with your family. It is about sharing happiness, togetherness and of course gifts. Looking for the best possible gift for your husband that will leave him smiling this Diwali? Want to impress your husband with a unique and interesting gift without burning a hole in your pocket? You think this is a far-fetched idea? What if we say this can be a reality? To assist you in your quest, we provide you with a range of premium gifting options which are unbelievably reasonable. We know exactly what your husband wants. We have put together some brilliant gift ideas that will leave your husband impressed. Do not get your head in splits hunting for the ideal gift. Use our online services to steal an idea and book your order today. Do not lose your chance to make this Diwali memorable for you and your husband.

We leave you with some interesting options. Make sure to hop on to our site for more kick-ass ideas.

Tickets For A Music Concert

Is your husband a music lover? Does he swear by a genre or a band? Does he swoon to good piece of music? If yes, you just hit upon the perfect gift. Buy him or the both of you tickets to a music concert in your city. This could be the most musical & romantic break for both of you. If there is no concert happening in your city, go ahead and fly him to the city where the concert is happening. He sure will appreciate your thought behind the whole plan.

A Surprise Vacation/Weekend Getaway

Is your husband the busiest man in the family or does he pretend to be one? Help him break-free from his busy schedule and plan a surprise vacation for the two of you. Alternatively, you could plan a trip for him with his male buddies, so your husband can re-live his youthful days. Believe us, you are going to earn some brownie points for being thoughtful in keeping yourself out of the trip and giving him some ‘Alone time’.

Board Games & Indoor Games

Want to gift something for your husband and in the bargain want to also gift yourself something? Want a two-in-one gift which both your husband and you can use? Get an Indoor Game It is a cheap and best way to chase away boredom on a weekend. Some of the option for board games is Monopoly, Business and Scrabble. You could also try Indoor games like Jenga and word games such as Taboo & Boggle. You could include your family while playing this. More the people, more the merrier it gets.


Headphones will make a sound gift for your husband if he is into music (sorry about the punJ). Re-kindle the love for music in him by gifting him some solid pair of head phones. It could also come to use if he wants to avoid your constant gibber gabber.


Want to create a memory you share with your husband forever on a parchment of paper (s)? You could buy a hand-made scrap book and fill it up with the best moments you have shared with your husband. You could also stick photographs to give it a visual angle. Other memorabilia include art work and some creative stuff. This is the best way to treasure memories. He sure will feel blessed this Diwali after seeing this thoughtful gift.

Cooking Range Set

Do you secretly wish your husband to cook for you or learn cooking? Or does he stay away from you all by himself? Want to make his cooking easier? Go for a cooking range set and satisfy his gluttony cravings.


Tired of his long locks and unruly beard? Want to politely tell him to get rid of those unkept, disheveled beard? Gift him the tool that will do just that. Gift him a complete shaving-kit which includes a nicely perfumed after-shave that will leave him smelling fresh as ever like a daisy.