Diwali Gift Ideas For Mother

Diwali, the festival of lights is round the corner. It is the biggest and the grandest among all Indian festival. It is a festival to honor Goddess Lakshmi. In every house, women, especially mothers are given the status of Goddess Lakshmi. By gifting your mother on this auspicious day, it is like honoring Goddess Lakshmi. With this comes the biggest conundrum. What is the best gift for your mother? We know no gift can do justice to her. Sure. But we can attempt to come close to demonstrate our gratitude for her in the form of gifts. Besides her birthday, Diwali is one occasion which gives you an opportunity to gift her and she can’t deny the gift. Check out our site to find some interesting hand-picked gifts that will make your mum smile in glee. We also ship the gift for free without any charges.

Lakshmi Coin Pendant

It is considered prosperous and favorable to gift Lakshmi coins. Instead of keeping it as just a coin which will only end up in your mom’s closet or purse, you can gift this coin which also serves the purpose of a pendant. These pendants can be of gold/silver/copper. This gift will surely bring good luck and prosperity to your mother and family this Diwali.

Feel Good Gifts

Gift her treat by surprising her with some pampering session. Show how much you love and care for her with this exclusive feel good vouchers which include a complete body spa, hair spa, facial, manicure & pedicure, reflexology, foot massage, sauna, Jacuzzi and more. Follow this up with an exclusive date for just you and your mum. Make sure the cuisine is of her choice. Help her de-stress this Diwali with this brilliant Feel Good Gift.

Tea & Coffee Basket

If your mum’s day starts with a steaming cup of tea/coffee, this is an ideal gift. She is the official home manager. She needs that energy from somewhere. Gift her a basket of exquisite tea and coffee. If she is a tea lover, you could include Sri-Lankan, Assam and Darjeeling tea. If she is into coffee, make sure it includes Espresso, Decaf, Arabian, Cappuccino and the like.

Beautiful Paintings

It is no secret that your mother is the person behind your sparkling beautiful home. Help her in this endeavor by gifting her masterpieces that will let the house speak. It could include hand paintings, sketches, portraits, landscapes, caricatures or even abstract. Make sure you frame the painting and gift it to her.

Anything Vintage

Your mum may most likely appreciate anything vintage and rustic. It could be a motley bunch of painting, pendulum clock, ladies watch, telephone or a grand mom’s almirah. Add some character to the house with this rare antique vintage stuff. Satisfy her vintage obsession this Diwali.

Plant samplings/Herbs

Help your mother put her backyard to use by gifting her some plant samplings. This will in return do good to the environment too. If she is into gardening you could also gift her herb plants such as chives, cilantro, mint rosemary, basil and plants which grow basic veggies & fruits like tomatoes, baby carrots, avocados, lemons, apples and oranges. Minimize her veggie & fruit shopping with this gift. Make this special by taking her to a farmer’s market from where she can pick her fresh produce. Alternatively, you could also give miniature & decorative plants like bonsai. You could also choose to gift indoor plants which will not just brighten up the house but also purify the air around her.

DVD Player & DVD Cassettes

Your mom needs some entertainment to keep her sanity alive after a busy day. There are always some movies that she may have not caught up on. Gift her DVD player along with some classics she has been waiting to watch but not found the time to watch. Also this gives you a chance to sit along with her, bond and spend some quality time over a good movie.