Diwali Gift Ideas For Parents

Diwali is already here. But are you away from your parents? Can’t make it home this Diwali? Want to make up for not being there with them on this important day? The best way to make up for it is to remember them, give them a call and don’t forget to gift them something tangible. This gift will remind them of the love you have for them. If you belong to the category of kids who struggle with coming up with the best gifts for your parents, take a look at some of these interesting ideas we have provided. Feel free to steal them or these ideas could trigger more ideas in your head. If you are still not satisfied with the list, have a look at our e-portal from where you can book your gift and we will ship it to them for free.

Complete Health Checkup Package

Let’s face it. Our parents are ageing. They are the most important people in our life to who we owe the world and can still fall short. Their lives are dearer to us than our own lives. With the current lifestyle we are leading we could be hoarding a ton of diseases we have no clue about. But with early-checkups, lives can be saved. Gift your parents a Complete health Checkup this Diwali and live the healthy way this year.


Do you live away from your parents? The best way to feel close to them is by being connected through a webcam. Buy them a high definition webcam that will enable the both of you to chat and see each other whenever you want. Webcams can be the best virtual gift you can give to show them that you care for them and want to have them in your sight all time and anytime. There are various types of webcams available including wireless ones.


If your parents are into reading, buy them a Kindle. Imagine your mum reading out to your dad from the kindle. This could bring back their romantic days. Don’t dismiss this gift thinking that they may not be tech-savvy. They too like gizmos except that they may have never got an opportunity to own them. Buy their favorite classics, so they can catch up on all the books they have missed reading. You could also add audio books in case they do not want to hurt their eye by too much reading. Include subscriptions to leading newspapers and their favorite magazines they follow.

Couple Watches

Some couples love to be color coordinated and attire coordinated wherever they go. The best way to show this would be through couple watches that your mum and dad can flaunt around. These couple watches are available in different brands such as Titan, Timex, Omega, Raga, Fast-track, Citizen, Casio, Armani, Rolex, Swatch, Tommy Hilfiger and plenty others. The choice is completely based onyou’re your budget range.

Home Theatre with Music System

Convert your parent’s room into a mini home theatre this Diwali. Allow them to enjoy their retired life with a high definition television and a boom box or a music system. Fill up the room with as many throw pillows and create a cozy theatre experience this Diwali.

Religious Gifts

Most elderly people have a spiritual and religious bent of mind. They appreciate anything spiritual, be it God Idols, or devotional DVD’S/cassettes or spiritual books. This will be the best spiritual gift this Diwali.

Couple Photo-frames

Gift your parents a couple photo frame. Instead of gifting only the frame, you could attach an old photo of them together or their wedding photo or a photo of a vacation they took together and present it to them this Diwali. Or you could gift a family photo frame which has options to cover the whole family pedigree which includes your sister, brother, grandparents, uncle aunt and also a pet if you own one. Create a family tree along with this describing how each of you are related to the other.