Diwali Gift Ideas For Wife

Diwali holds a special place in our heart. It is just not a festival. It is a celebration of all the good things we have. And it is about celebrating these good things with our significant other. We all know a woman loves her man to death, but does she love him more than gifts? May be, may be not or may be the same. As Diwali approaches, we know you are flummoxed as to what to gift your beloved wife who has everything J It makes it all the more difficult to decide when she has not just one but two or more of everything she wants. Don’t fluster. There are some gifts you can still give no matter how many she owns. Go ahead and gift her some of these exclusive gifts which will add to her collection.

Pearl Necklace & Ear-ring Set

Nothing makes a woman look more elegant than a beautiful pearl-set adorning her neck line. She could team this with almost any attire. Be it a traditional, ethnic wear or a formal wear or just on a casual day. It is the perfect piece of jewelry that goes well with any attire on any day. A dazzling pear set is a must in any women’s wardrobe. Gift her a pear set and wait to see the glint in her eye.

Unlimited Calling Plan

However much a women denies, we all know women love to talk. Their gibber -gabber never ends. They indulge in never-ending conversations with friends, families and colleagues. What do you think a perfect gift for a woman would be? Still not made your guess? It is an Unlimited Calling Plan. Duh! If you have some more extra cash at disposal you could gift her new phone along with an Unlimited Calling Plan. Gift your wife this and don’t miss to catch her reaction when she sees this.


Is there a better gift than a Diamond for your woman? Woman’s love affair with Diamonds has been there for years now. There is something so alluring about Diamonds that women earnestly covet them.

There is something so special about this sparkling beauty that makes women go weak in their knee. And of course the association of Diamonds with romance, love, passion and glamour makes it the best coveted gift for a woman. Gift your wife a Solitaire this Diwali and make her go crazy like a teenager.


Woman love to accessorize. One of the best accessories is a handbag. They can have a million handbags and still want more. A hand bag that can go with every attire in the wardrobe is a woman’s dream come true. Make this hand bag special by gifting her a brand such as Prada/Gucci/Chanel/Louis Vuitton or the like.


Gift your wife a smart sun glass this Diwali. Putting on perfect sun glass is like giving yourself the quickest and easiest transformation just like a new hair style. Gift your wife a sunglass and make her feel like a celebrity this Diwali.

A Pair Of Perfectly Fitting Shoes For Your Cinderella

It is often said that it takes a strong woman to admit she has enough shoes and believe us there aren’t many strong woman out there. Most women own more shoes than clothes. They associate happiness with the number of shoes they own. So don’t drain your brain thinking of a gift. Here is an easy one. Gift her a pair of shoes this Diwali and she will be the happiest person.

Beautiful Bouquet

If you want to keep it simple and romantic and not spend too much, stick to the basics and go for a beautiful bouquet. However, find out what flowers she likes before choosing a bouquet. Some of them are allergic to certain type of flowers. If you happen to choose the wrong ones, it may just backfire. You could also include a personal note wishing and thanking her, this Diwali.